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El Salvador Folklore

El Pulgarcito de America means “the little thumb of America”. It represents the smallest country in the Americas, El Salvador. It was born out of the humble desire to promote and showcase our Folkloric dances and music. It was formed two years ago. Our main focus is to encourage the younger generations to continue tradition and for the older to reminisce on their childhood memories. We have participated in Latinoamerican and Canadian cultural, civic, and fundraising events.

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Italian-Canadian Dance Ensemble (Core Meo)

Core Meo is a group of 9 young Italians from the Italian-Canadian Youth Formation Center. Thanks to their shared love for Italian music, art, cooking, and scenery, they joined in 2010 with the hopes of reviving Italian folk dancing.

The group’s routines include a slightly modern twist to traditional moves that were once danced in times of celebration. The group’s name Core Meo is Italian for ‘My Heart’, and it was chosen because the hearts of these young Italians belongs to Italy.

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Laughter Yoga

Rita and Samy Czarny are co-mediators and certified Laughter Yoga Leaders, leading together Laughter Yoga sessions in the workplace, for fundraising events, conferences, interest groups, community events, and social affairs. They give workshops and inspirational talks.

Laughter Yoga is a powerful and new approach in body-mind exercise which enhances your health and happiness. Laughter Yoga acts as a social magnet while promoting tolerance and peace. You will be surprised how easy it is to do, how liberating it feels, and how quickly your life can improve while you are having fun.

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Nepali Folk Dances

Title: Ghini Ghini Ghintang

Performers: Geeta Dhakal, Prakriti Kharel, Srijana Upreti, Shrishti Kharel and Susan Kharel

‘Ghini ghini ghinting’ is a modern song that is very popular in Nepal right now. This song talks about a guy who is very enthusiastic into music and articulates his stand by playing a Madal (drum). He mainly direct into the Nepali drum called madal and talks the satisfaction he gets from each beat of the drum he plays.


Title: Jata Maya Chha Utai Ramailo

Performers: Geeta Dhakal and Susan Kharel

‘Jata maya chha utai ramailo’ is a song about a young girl who is very dynamic and active. The song talks about a love triangle. A girl in a song falls in love with a young gentleman but can not state her feeling directly, instead she puts into a song and dances.

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Title: Pauju Ko Chham Chham

Performers:  Grace Castrence and Reshma Dahal

The central theme of the dance is love, and revolves around a girl and a boy who fall in love. The boy admires her anklet and bangles and talks to her lovingly, hoping that she will fall in love with him, which she later does.

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Ottawa Chinese Arts Troupe

Ottawa Chinese Arts Troupe (OCAT) was established in November of 1998 to promote Chinese folk arts to the Canadian multicultural society through their Chinese folk dance, choir and band. OCAT is now the largest arts organization in the Ottawa Chinese community.


The history of Chinese arts goes back to 4000 years. China is also a country of many different nationalities. Each has its own history, language and tradition, and maintains its own distinct customs. This leads to great diversity in terms of style and costumes when performing dance and music.

OCAT performance can be characterized as of grace, color and virtuosity, and we are proud of our efforts in striving for art excellence.

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Ottawa Natak Company

Performers: Geeta Thapa, Kunjan Ghimire, Leeza Sharma and Smita Pudasaini


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Sancosa African Dance and Drumming Band

A group of people from a diverse background and culture came together to celebrate the joy of Ghanaian music. The Sancosa band performs traditional pieces from Ghana. Although there are several different ethnic groups/regions they draw their music from, essentially they are all Ghanaian. Come and experience the thrill of African drum bits and joy of various dance moves. Please don’t be shy .. so let us dance together and celebrate another year of successful food drive and multicultural show.

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Silk Road Art Studio

The SilkRoad Art Studio is a dance performing group, as a part of Canada China Art Association which is a not-for-profit organization. We focused on cultural exchange and performing all kinds of Chinese Ethnic groups dances. We organized and participated performing shows at various cultural events  at National Arts Centre, Counterpointe Theatre, Ottawa Tulips Festival, Ottawa Lumiere Festival, Les Grands Feux du Casino du Lac-Leamy, and University of Ottawa etc. We believe that the appreciation of the different cultures will contribute to the multicultural society of Canada.

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Venezuelan Folklore Dance Group “Churun Meru”

The Venezuelan Folklore Dance Group “Churun Meru” was formed in 1993 to promote Venezuelan Cultural traditions in dancing, music, and national customs. This dance group is made of children, teen and adult dancers from not only Venezuela, but also from Rumania, Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Chile and Canada. 


“Churun Meru” entertains audiences with their delightful dances, powerful and impressive interpretations, colorful costumes and upbeat folkloric rhythms.

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Viva Mexico

Viva Mexico represents colourful rain, exquisite flavours, textures and sounds… The scent of wet soil, the scent of Tequila just removed from the blue agave…A place of men and women who work hard… A place of history, culture and human warmth that expresses the deepest feeling of being Mexican!

Their promise to you is that in every performance their dancers will share their enthusiasm and efforts and in return ask from you to show them your support by always singing and yelling … VIVA MEXICO!!!


Their objective is to represent their beautiful country by teaching kids a deep love for their homeland and their Mexican culture. Viva Mexico has tried to win the love of the public with its music, its rhythm and the colourful movements made by children of different ages and backgrounds living in Canada. In a special way, they want to spread their joy and share with other nations their folklore, their music and their culture.


Zuleyka Erazo, Viva Mexico’s Artistic Director has over 20 years of experience dancing the beautiful Mexican folklore and has also 6 years experience teaching in Canada.



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