Fundraiser for Nepal Earthquake Relief

NER FundRaiser

Youth members of Nepalese community in Ottawa are independently organizing a fundraiser event. We feel its our responsibility, as the future is on our hands and we have a chance to contribute and make a difference
right now.

It will be a Bazaar-style event and we’ll have Momos for sale, along with Samosas and Jilebis and Mango Mousse cups. We also have an arts corner featuring art from local artists and T-Shirts for sale – I hope you will
buy one as its for a great cause and it features original art! We also have some cultural performances and speakers from various aid organizations. If you would like to donate to local Canadian charities to take advantage of
the matching from the Government, we will have the Humanitarian Coalition on site to take donations. Otherwise all funds we raise are going to Abari and AYON – local organizations that are already doing their part in Nepal.

We look forward to seeing you all there this Saturday. Spread the word!

Post the flyer and poster up at your workplace and bring your friends and family along.

If you would like to volunteer, we would love to hear from you. Please sign up or email us at

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter:


Follow us on Twitter:

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Author: Web Admin

The Ottawa Nepalese Community.

Web Admin

The Ottawa Nepalese Community.

7,600 thoughts on “Fundraiser for Nepal Earthquake Relief

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