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Dear Community Members,

Hope you are enjoying the nice summer weather.

We are not yet sure if we can do in-person Dashain celebration party this year. We will assess the situation and let you know about it. Like in the past, we would like to continue publishing our newsletter Ottawa Chautari in October in digital format. We, therefore, would like to request our community members to submit article(s) by September 20, 2021 for the upcoming NCAO’s newsletter “Ottawa Chautari”.

Article can be written on any aspects, themes or topics. The article(s) should be in any of these three languages: Nepali, English or French. Some of the categories we would like to suggest but not limited to are:

· Motivational and inspiring stories

· Your experiences in Canada (academic, cultural or social)

· Your experiences in Nepal (more relevant to those who grew up in Canada or in the western hemisphere and went back to Nepal for a visit)

· Reverse culture shock (something interesting you experienced while traveling back to Nepal)

· How-to articles (something that will be helpful to newcomers, students, aspiring entrepreneurs, etc.)

· Any journalistic or academic article (an exploration of topic/story/issue that has captured the hearts or attention of readers, especially in Nepal or Canada)

· Nepali Food Recipes (your mum’s hidden culinary secrets)

· Short-stories, Essays, Poem (Muktak, Gazal, Geet, Haiku, Cartoon, Laghu-natak, etc)

· Dashain greetings, etc. 

If you have any questions regarding the publication, please contact Mr. Santa Man Rai at

We look forward to receiving your article.

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