Reminder: Ottawa Chautari, and Advertisements

Dear Community Members,
We would like to thank you all who have already submitted articles for Ottawa Chautari (OC). The deadline to submit an article is September 20, 2021 which is approaching fast. So please submit your article by the above date.

We have also been publishing advertisements and greetings in OC in the past. We would like to request to provide advertisements or Dashain greetings this time as well. Like last year, the advertisement rates have been reduced because OC will be published in digital format. OC will be circulated to all community members as well as it will be published on our website Please send us (or contact Santa Man Rai jee directly) your advertisement as soon as possible but not later than September 20, 2021. Here are the advertisement rates for your information:

Place Size Price
(digital print)
Back cover Full page $ 125
Back cover Half page $ 75
Inside cover Full page $ 80
Inside cover Half page $ 40
Other inside Full page $ 40
Other inside Half page $ 15
Classified inside Qtr page or small $ 10

Just for your information, here are upcoming events:

Thank you for your continuing support.

Web Admin
Author: Web Admin