Nepali Language School

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board offers Elementary and Secondary International & Indigenous Languages (IIL) Program through the Continuing Education Department. The board works in partnership with Nepalese Community Association of Ottawa (NCAO) every year to teach Nepali language and foster the culture. Nepalese Community and Community Representatives for Nepali Language provide an essential cultural link to the program and help assisting with the curriculum development and advocacy for the program.

Classes are held every Saturday from September to June. It is the best place for Nepalese immigrants to keep their children get going with their first language.

Students are encouraged to download and read Nepali language textbooks available from Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Curriculum Development Centre by Government of Nepal website provided below.

Time: 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Venue: D. Roy Kennedy Public School, 919 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 3G9


Ms. Binu Baniya, Ms.Tara Regmi, Mr. Raju Gautam (2023-24)

Ms. Binu Baniya, Ms.Tara Regmi, Mr. Anil Paudyal (2022-23)

Ms.Tara Regmi,  Ms. Suni Ranjeetkar (2014-22)

Ms.Tara Regmi,  Mr. Yogendra Bhattarai (2013-2014)

Ms.Tara Regmi,  Mr. Roshan Karmacharya (2010-2013)

Ms. Prava KC and Mr. Roshan Karmacharya (2008-2009)

Ms. Prava KC and Ms. Sushma Nepal (2007-2008)

Mr. Anil Paudyal and Ms. Solma Shrestha (2006-2007)

Ms. Leela Kaushik and Mr. Suren Upreti (2005-2006)

Ms. Anita Shrestha and Mr. Suren Upreti (2004-2005) Ms.

Ms.Geeta Upreti (2003-2004)

Ms. Asha Bohara (2002-2003)


Mr. Anil Paudyal (2023-24)

Mr. Anju Ranjeetkar (2022-23)

Nepali Language Text Books: