Request for Article for Ottawa Chautari

Even though we will not organize an in-person New Year Party, we will publish Ottawa Chautari in digital format. We, therefore, would like to request our community members to submit…

Invitation for AGM 2021

Dear Community Members, We believe that you all are doing well during this difficult time of ongoing pandemic. As you know, we had to cancel the scheduled New Year and…

Dashain 7th of October 2017

Dear Community Members, Preparations for the Dashain Celebration Party to be held on Saturday, 7th of October 2017 at 5 PM at Britannia Park Hall are ongoing. The Board is…

Dashain Tihar event 2019

NCAO board would like to inform all NCAO members that upcoming Dashain and Tihar Event will be celebrated on Sunday October 13 2019 

Ottawa Chautari Volume 34 (April 2018)


Ottawa Chautari Volume 31 (October 2016)